Diesel Engines

Yanmar Diesel Marine Engines

Yanmar Marine Diesel Engines

Yanmar manufactures Marine engines for pleasure boat use from 15 hp to 900 hp, Marine transmissions and drives, and Commercial engines from 39 hp to 1,800 hp. These engines are designed for high performance and maximum engine life, and tested under extreme conditions to assure the Yanmar legendary reliability. Yanmar backs them up with a superior engine warranty and world class local support.

Yanmar is the first choice for most boaters when choosing the power package for their new vessel, and the number one choice for re-powering a vessel. These characteristics make the Yanmar marine engines the “Best in Class” choice.

Man Diesel & Turbo Marine Engines

Man Diesel & Turbo Marine Engines

Bayside Diesel is an exclusive service partner and sales dealer for MAN Diesel & Turbo offering the right solution for every marine application on a one-stop basis.

Our product range comprises engines in two and four stroke configurations, generator sets, reduction gearboxes, environmental solutions (e.g., SCR technology) and complete propulsion packages, as well as several types of propellers and turbochargers. 

Our resources are available to assist you in all facets of engine selection and equipment installation, as well as to provide operation and maintenance support for vessels of all sizes.