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Diesel Engine Service

Diesel Engine Service


We have over 60 years of combined experience in diesel engine services. We have specialized in MAN Diesel machinery for over 30 years and Yanmar engines for over 20 years.


We perform all aspects of engine work, from complete overhauls, tune-ups, valve sets and block replacement to basic maintenance, like oil and fuel filter changes. We also perform injector pop-testing.


We repowers an average of 9 engines every year, with a rapidly expanding repower client base.

Mobile Service Vehicles

We also have several vehicles equipped with mobile workstations ready to travel to your location.

Engine Repowering
Engine Repowering and Exhausts


Bayside Diesel repowers many engines every year with a satisfied customer base that has grown substantially by word of mouth alone. Our reputation for quality service and follow up makes us the best choice for such an important task.

Custom Exhausts

Bayside has earned a prominent position as a premier custom fabricator of stainless steel and steel exhaust systems for marine applications of all sizes. While repowering, we often have to retrofit custom exhausts, which we machine ourselves to guarantee a perfect fit.
Due to the overwhelming response to our custom exhausts, we do not promote this service unless it is a part of a repowering project. The effort required to simply assess the specifications for a custom exhaust make it fairly cost-prohibitive to perform on its own.

Generator and

Diesel engine Sales

Marine Generators

To complement our marine generators, we also offer a set of distinguished home units and stand-by power generators for residential applications. which run on diesel, propane, natural gas or gasoline.

Cummins Onan Quiet Diesel™ Series (Marine)

The Cummins Onan brand is leading the way by offering the most innovative marine generator sets available, making boating simpler. Cummins Onan digital series generator sets, which include Quiet Diesel™ (QD) models, give you smart power with user-friendly diagnostic information. Our self-monitoring system and flexible network communications bring you a new level of information for worry-free boating... simply smart.


Phasor Marine

The Phasor Marine generators, powered by Kubota, are designed specifically to fit where size and weight are a critical concern. This compact package mounts easily in a small compartment, requiring minimum installation effort.


Low running speed combined with waters natural muffling and absorbing properties reduce both vibration and noise to the absolute minimum. The Kubota engines exclusive spherical combustion system insures greater combustion efficiency, better fuel economy and cleaner exhaust.


Bayside Diesel sells engines ranging from 200hp to 1800hp, and diesel generators from 4.3kw to 96kw. We are also able to special order any products you are looking for.

We can procure just about any model of diesel engine. If you know what you want, we can get it.

If you're not sure, we are more than happy to assist you in determining what is a best-fit, best-price engine, given your application and needs.

We are a reseller of Cummins, MAN and Yanmar diesel engines, offering the best prices in the area, as well as being the premier service station of the eastern seaboard.


Cummins Onan Diesel Marine Engines


Yanmar Diesel Marine Engines

Yanmar manufactures Marine engines for pleasure boat use from 15 hp to 900 hp, as well as Marine transmissions and drives, and Commercial engines from 39 hp to 1,800 hp. These engines are designed for high performance and maximum engine life, and tested under extreme conditions to assure the Yanmar legendary reliability. Yanmar backs their claims with a superior engine warranty and world class local support.

Yanmar is the first choice for most boaters when choosing the power package for their new vessel, and the number one choice for repowering a vessel. These characteristics make the Yanmar marine engines the “Best in Class” choice.

Man Diesel & Turbo Marine Engines

Bayside Diesel is an exclusive service partner and sales dealer for MAN Diesel & Turbo offering the right solution for every marine application on a one-stop basis.

Our product range comprises engines in two and four stroke configurations, generator sets, reduction gearboxes, environmental solutions (e.g., SCR technology) and complete propulsion packages, as well as several types of propellers and turbochargers. 

Our resources are available to assist you in all facets of engine selection and equipment installation, as well as to provide operation and maintenance support for vessels of all sizes.

D.I.Y. Maintenance

Checking the Intake and Exhaust System

Step One

Intake Filter - Remove the intake filter and check the condition of the element. If it's dirty, clean or replace it. If no filter is fitted, check inside the inlet manifold for anything that may have inadvertently been sucked in. Excessive oil on the filter or inside the inlet manifold suggests worn piston rings and cylinders are causing high crankcase pressure. We sell a number filters every year.


Step Two

Crankcase Breather - Remove the hose that connects to the valve cover and check for blockages. 

Step Three

Exhaust Manifold - Check the tightness of the attachment nuts and bolts, especially on engines which have heavy manifolds that incorporate header tanks and heat exchangers. Leaking manifold gaskets are the first signs of loosening. 

Step Four

Exhaust Injection Elbow - Salt or corrosion products indicate a leak caused by severe corrosion. First indications are usually small pin-prick sized holes adjacent to the point where raw water is injected into the elbow. Soot deposits by the mounting flange indicate a loose joint or gasket failure. Check tightness of attachment bolts which loosen through high temperature and settling of thick gaskets. Remove and inspect them internally every two seasons. 

Step Five

Hose Clamps - Inspect for corrosion and cracking. Exhaust hose should always be double-clamped throughout its length. Clamps are cheap and easy to replace - our best-selling items. 

Step Six

Lift Box/Muffler - Metal mufflers, even stainless, suffer from corrosion. Plastic lift boxes and mufflers suffer from split welds mostly by over-tightening exhaust hose clamps. Glass fiber boxes are usually maintenance free and provide long service. 

Step Seven

Exhaust Hose - Check for cracking, softness, delamination, kinking and corrosion of the reinforcing wire. Hoses are one of our best-sellers.

DIY Maintenance
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